Frequently Asked Questions

*Who do I contact if there are questions or traffic concerns related to the Oak Street Bridge construction project?

You can contact the Village’s project manager, HR Green, with day-to-day questions about the project:  Adam Borhart, 815.693.8890,  or Todd Destree, 815.509.9307, For questions about traffic, you may contact the Village's Assistant Village Manager/Director of Public Safety, Brad Bloom, at 630.789.7088,  

*What is the cost of the Oak Street Bridge Project and how is the project funded?

The Village, through a coordinated effort, has received a combination of Federal, State and local grants that will fund the $6.9 million project cost.

*What are the primary project goals?

The primary goals of the project are to ease traffic congestion and improve safety by replacing a one-lane wooden bridge with a two-lane structure with separated sidewalks along both sides.

*How were the trees near the roadway protected during construction?

The Village and its contractors made every possible effort to protect parkway trees during the course of the project.  There are some trees that were removed to enable the work to go forward; however, any trees removed will be replaced at the project’s conclusion in June 2016.