The Oak Street Bridge spans the Burlington Northern Santa Fe ("BNSF") railroad tracks in Hinsdale, Illinois west of Hinsdale's Highlands Metra station. The old bridge’s antiquated design restricted the volume of freight carried on the BNSF railroad line and posed a challenge to local vehicle traffic. Portions of the bridge were over 100 years old and approaching the point where they would be beyond repair. Considering the condition of the aging bridge, the Village began planning for the replacement of the bridge in 2010.

The Oak Street Bridge Replacement Project is divided into three phases. Phase I (Environmental Assessment & Preliminary Engineering) was completed in September 2013. Phase II (Design Engineering and Land Acquisition) was completed in March 2015. Phase III (Construction) began in May 2015 and was substantially completed in December 2015.  Final landscaping and decorative elements are being completed in 2016.

The Oak Street Bridge Replacement Project is 100% grant funded. For information, please see the Project Financing Plan.