Context Sensitive Solutions

Recognizing the need for early input from stakeholders on a replacement for the Oak Street Bridge, the Village of Hinsdale is developing the project using the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process.  Originally developed by the Illinois Department of Transportation, CSS is an interactive public involvement process that engages the public, or stakeholders, throughout the project.  CSS involves working with stakeholders to develop roadways that fit into and reflect the project’s surroundings – its “context.” Stakeholders are involved in the decision making process with continuous involvement throughout the entire development of the project.  Working with a diverse group of stakeholders to understand the needs and concerns in the study area leads to solutions designed to improve the quality of life for those who rely on the transportation systems.

More information on the CSS process can be found on the Illinois Department of Transportation website.

A Stakeholder Involvement Plan was developed for the Oak Street Bridge Replacement Project to provide a guide for implementing public involvment on the Oak Stret Bridge Replacement Project. The goals of this plan are:

  • Identify stakeholders of the project and provide opportunities for meaningful input into the project’s development from beginning to end
  • Determine project context with stakeholder input
  • Develop a project problem statement
  • Identify reasonable alternative solutions to solve identified transportation problems withstakeholder input
  • Choose a preferred alternative solution to identified transportation problems for the project with stakeholder input
  • Treat all involved parties with respect and dignity, in a transparent manner and in a way that ensures that their input was duly heard and considered